Pupuan’s most exciting waterfall



Blemantung Waterfall

For your new first heard Pupuan will surely be wondering what name it is. Pupuan is the name of a town located in the western part of the island of Bali. This subdistrict is approximately 2 to 3 hours if you start from the ngurah rai international airport and is one of the subdistricts of Tabanan Regency. One of the most interesting tourist destinations of subdistrict pupuan waterfall tour is blemantung in the village of Pujungan. This waterfall has its own uniqueness waterfall because it is hidden and is located within a forest. To find them you have to be willing to run and break through the coffee plantations of local residents and also shrubs and trees. But once you reach the waterfall, instantly all your struggle to achieve get avenged by beautiful, quiet atmosphere, not many visitors and definitely a natural.

The Blemantung Waterfall


Visitor Enjoy the waterfall

This waterfall has a height of about 25 metres. The falls flows on the sidelines of a high cliff and filled by the surrounding greenery. On the way to these attractions, you’ll be faced views of the beautiful and charming village complete with coffee and clove plantations which is above the left and right of the road. Especially when you get there to coincide with the time of flowering and fruiting of plants.


Plantation area along the way

You can also witness various activities within the local farmers cultivate their fields and orchards traditionally and manual. More interestingly, you can directly order the coffee of the original results of the garden to a local farmer who had just plucked from the garden while enjoying a cool atmosphere and friendly locals, too. The facility access road to Blemantung waterfall is also quite good and comfortable so that you can easily find the location of the falls. Its way unique also, of which is land with cement paving on the right and left wheels of the car. You have to walk as far as 400 m through a footpath whisch are already facilitated by some stairs and past some of the coffee Garden residents. Waterfall blemantung still do not have a lot of visitors, so there is still an atmosphere of quiet and away from the crowds.

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