Laklak a Small Sweet Balinese Cake

Jaja Laklak is a tralaklakditional Balinese cake made out of rice flour. This sweet cake has a round and flat shape with a diameter of 3 to 6 centimeters and the thickness is approximately 5 to 7 millimeters. In general, this traditional cake comes in two colors, white and light green. To make the Laklak cake come in light green color, Pandan leaves are added to the dough, the Pandan leaf also gives great aroma to the cake.

Rice flour is stIMG_6360eamed for one hour, when it is done, the flour is mixed with maize, coconut milk, sugar and boiling water. A traditional pan from clay is used to bake the Laklak cake, it only takes about 10 minutes until the cake is ready. When it is ready shredded coconut and palm sugar is added as a topping which gives the sweet and delicious taste. Sometimes coconut milk is also added to the cake. This cake is served as breakfast in some hotels. Visitors who wish to try this cake can go to traditional markets, Laklak cake is sold in all traditional markets in Bali. This traditional cake is suitable for tea times and coffee times, the sweet taste of this cake makes everyone who tries the cake get addicted and want to eat more and more. Laklak is one of the recommended cake to try for visitors who are having a visit to Bali.

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