Krisna Bali Offers Great Shopping Atmosphere

Krisna Oleh-Oleh Khas BKrisna-Baliali is one of the greatest souvenir shop that offers various types of Balinese Products. This store was opened for the first time on May 16th 2007 by Mr.Gusto Ngurah Anom. The first Krisna Bali known as Krisna Nusa Indah  is located in Jalan Nusa Indah No. 79 Denpasar, Bali. Soon the store became successful and now Krisna Bali is presence in three other locations they are Krisna Nusa Kambangan located in Jalan Nusa Kambangan 160 A Denpasar, Bali. Krisna Sunset Road located in Jalan Sunset Road 88 Kuta, Bali Abianbase and Rama Krisna Located in Jalan Raya Tuban 2x, Bali. Among the four stores, Krisna Sunset Road is the most easiest to access.

Krisna Bali is a large air condiKrisna4_zps024e8785tioned store filled with Balinese souvenir. This store is opened 24 hours so visitors can come and shop anytime. The variety of products that are sold in Krisna Bali are similar to other souvenir shops in the island. They include Balinese snacks, handicrafts, bed cover, accessories, clothes, handbags, silver, sculpture, carvings and many products of the craftsman in Bali. In addition, Krisna Bali offers T-shirt with funny and unique design which is only produced in Krisna Bali, no place else. All the products in this store comes in a negotiable price.

Besides a great shopping atmokrisna-bali1sphere, Krisna bali also provides a comfortable parking area for buses and cars. Outside the store, there are small food and drink stalls where visitors can relax after shopping. Krisna Bali is a great one-stop shopping spot in Bali for those who would like to buy cheap and good quality of Balinese gifts and souvenirs.

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