Trick Art 3D Gallery offers Fun and Unique Paintings

Trick Art 3D Gallerlife2y is the first trick eye museum built in Bali, it was just opened on April 2014. It is located in Seminyak, precisely on the end of Sunset Road or on the opposite side of Swiss Belinn Hotel Seminyak. It is a very fun attraction where visitors can take various types of unique pictures with funny poses. There are approximately 80 pieces of live size and realistic trick art paintings in this Gallery. The themes vary from parodied takes from famous and classical paintings, blockbuster movie characters, fairytale and also magical themes.

This museum is a great place CIMG0238to visit with friends and families. Children can enjoy arts with animal and fairytale themes, while adults will enjoy parodies of classical painting themes. Some Korean artist was also flown during the Trick Art 3D Gallery’s conception. They applied unique shading and borders on the walls and panels, hence, the painting would trick all visitors brains as it look real and 3D. Visitor are prohibited to bring foods and drinks inside the Gallery. Trick Art 3D Gallery is opened daily from 09:00am until 22:00pm and the entrance fee is Rp 150.000 for adults and Rp 50.000 for children. The Gallery usually have more visitors on weekends, visitors must patiently wait and take turns to take a pictures after other groups. The helpers and the assistants of the Gallery would kindly suggest best poses and even take shots for visitors. Visiting this gallery would also be an interesting activity to do when having a vacation in Bali.

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